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Friday, July 12, 2013

Where to find all my eBooks for whatever Device You may Have!

Don't have a Kindle but have a Nook then visit  here you'll find my first three eBooks.

Don't have a Nook, but have a Kindle then visit here you'll find all five of my eBooks.

No Kindle or Nook then visit any of these sites to download it to your computer, phone, and  e-reader just just go to: for Google Books or for

You can also find my eBooks through Apple, Sony, and many more just by placing my name in whichever search engine you use. They're also, in different languages, priced differently according to the place of purchase. Another useful piece of information is that it's not only available in the U.S. for purchase.

If you so happen to have the time a review is always awesome and welcomed!


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